The Tracklynk IIoT product set provides an enterprise with a high-performance “Last Mile Network” (LMN) for Industrial IoT. These products support the four fundamental IoT functions: Identification, Location, Telemetry and Remote Control in harsh and RF unfriendly environments where traditional IoT solutions do not perform well or are prohibitively expensive. Personnel and Asset Situational Awareness (SA) data are now available in real-time to support mission-critical applications addressing People Safety, Asset Utilization, and Predictive Maintenance.Tracklynk wireless LMN Software includes APIs that enable easy integration with various IoT/IIoT platforms and dashboard integration providers.

Tracklynk provides a proprietary secure network infrastructure and smart agents/tags to control various stationery and mobile assets, workers, and vehicles, delivering tracking, telemetry, and Remote Control (M2M) functions all under a single network. Many clients operate in ‘harsh’ enterprise environments, where the use of traditional IoT for asset tracking is either not possible or unreliable, creating operational challenges. Tracklynk IIoT LMN, utilizing proprietary technology, offers clients a rapidly deployable, well-performing, and reliable solution. Tracklynk IIoT LMN is cost-effective, provides high-performance and long battery life.

Tracklynk uses the PrecyseTech proprietary patented Signal Collider-based LPS (Local Positioning System) technology coupled with Assisted GPS (AGPS) to provide seamless location performance for indoor and outdoor tracking.

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Tracklynk is committed to solving complex challenges by delivering innovative technology solutions. Our client-centric model increases transparency and accountability, which helps promote efficiency and effectiveness. We work and grow together with our customers, and we help empower our clients to achieve success.

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