How It Works


Tracklynk solutions are designed to empower large enterprises, such as oil and gas, mining, chemical, energy, terminal operations at airports and shipyards, M2M, and yard management at vehicle distribution facilities, to rapidly deploy business-critical applications. Delivering real-time actionable insight to decision-makers allows our customers to manage their strategic physical and human assets effectively.

Leveraging its proprietary Last Mile Network for IIoT wireless protocol, the Tracklynk solution set of hardware and software offers customers a centralized architecture to automate data collection, analyze transactions for relevancy, include business process automation, provide advanced visualization, and utilize reporting capabilities over a single platform. Taking a modular approach to solution design, use-case specific software modules such as safety & security or work in progress (WIP) tracking are available to customers who want to remotely or wirelessly identify, locate, sense status, communicate with, control, or otherwise manage their valuable physical assets and personnel. The solution incorporates industrial-grade wireless networking, middleware, and visualization capabilities in a fully integrated turnkey solution focused on critical operational business areas.

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