All of Tracklynk hardware products fully support the Last Mile Network for IIoT. The devices are designed and built to operate in a harsh industrial environment. The battery-operated devices are intrinsically safe and certified for hazardous environments (UL 913, Class 1 Dev 1/Zone 0). All the devices support Over The Air (OTA) configuration and firmware update.

Badge Agents

Badge Agents are small, battery-operated devices worn by personnel who receive and transmit RF signals. The Smart Agent transmits its location, status, and other information to the Bridge Port enabling the real-time tracking of their position and movement, and receives Alert messages from the Bridgeport in case of any emergency.

    • Real-time monitored and configured over the air
    • Low power device and long battery life
    • It does not require hard-wired connectivity
    • Bi-directional communication with the Bridge Port
    • SOS support to send a message

Micro Beacon

Micro Beacon is used as location marks for Tracklynk proprietary Local Positioning System based on patented Signal Collider Technology. The Micro Beacons are stand-alone devices that do not require hard-wired network infrastructure connectivity. Pre-packaged for indoor or outdoor environments, the Micro Beacon comes with AC, DC, or battery power options for wire-free installation.


    • Real-time monitored and configured over the air
    • Small footprint, low power device
    • It does not require hard-wired connectivity
    • Flexible software-controlled features
    • Plug & Play installation with wireless auto-detect features


Low cost: The Micro Beacon is a wire-free, low-cost device. A single Micro Beacon includes four independent beacon devices in one box and simultaneously operates over multiple radio frequencies.

Low maintenance: The Micro Beacons are wirelessly monitored and managed, making them practically maintenance-free with simple, one-time installation.

Plug & play: All you need to do is plug the Micro Beacon into an electrical socket or switch on the battery-powered model. If your business environment layout changes, Micro Beacons support over-the-air programming for on-the-fly re-deployment.

RF Amp

An RF Amplifier, by default, is provided along with every Base Station and becomes an integral part of the Bridge Port.

    •  It’s powered by Base Station
    •  Amplifies the Base Station’s transmission (Tx) and reception (Rx) RF increase the coverage range between Bridge Port and the field devices (Smart tags and Beacons)
    • Supports 433 MHz and 915MHz RF frequencies
    • Controlled by the BS.

Base Station

A Base Station Serves as a communications hub. Usually, the Base Station is connected to the RF Amplifier and thus assembled into a Bridge Port (Enclosure).

    • Powered by 12V AC/DC Power adapter.
    • Supports 433MHz and 915MHz frequency bands
    • A Base station Transmits and Receives wireless messages to/from Smart Agents and Beacons. Via the data network, the Base Station communicates with and is controlled by iLocate server software.
    • Collectively, these signals help the PrecyseTech solution maintain synchronization across the entire wireless network and accurate location data.

Bridge Port

The Bridge Port is a combined unit of the Base Station and RF Amplifier that forms the Gateway unit for the main Radio Frequency (RF) communication in iLocate System.

It relays two-way wireless RF communication between Badge Tags / Smart Agents, Beacons, and iLocate Proprietary software. The Smart Agent transmits its location, status, and other information to the Bridge Port, and the Bridge Port relays this information to the iLocate server. Bridge Ports communicate with the iLocate Server over an Ethernet network.

The iLocate system relies on a wireless protocol to enable precise and instantaneous location tracking while maintaining low battery consumption.

Each Bridge Port consists of a Base Station device and an RF Amplifier assembled in a metallic box and mounted outdoors or indoors.

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