Radiant is proud to announce that it was an integral part of the team that helped Verizon be named to IDG’s 2020 CIO 100 list of innovative organizations that exemplify the highest levels of operational and strategic excellence in IT. This prestigious honor celebrates companies and award-winning IT projects which deliver business value, optimize business processes, enable growth, and create competitive advantages.

Utilizing a human-centered, design thinking approach, our team delivered digital transformation with Verizon’s Network Single Pane of Glass (nSPOG). The nSPOG is a comprehensive cross-enterprise UX framework that unifies user experience, simplifies workflows, automates repetitive tasks, enables collaboration, and allows the business to respond to customers more quickly, accurately, and effectively.

  • The nSPOG transforms the day-to-day work experience of 10,000+ Network and Technology specialists.
  • It promotes user efficiency and improves customer service
  • The framework reduces users’ cognitive load through features such as 1) guided navigation for task-based systems that implement a variety of complex provisioning workflows; 2) field display automation features that reduce redundant inputs to lengthy systems of record, and 3) predictive analysis to provide users with guidance as they make decisions regarding work prioritization and areas of attention.

The nSPOG is technically advanced and cross-platform (web, mobile web, native); the system leverages unique features to provide additional value. For instance, in mobile contexts, the framework integrates technologies such as cameras and GPS, to provide relevant information for workers in the field, while in the desktop context the framework integrates with native system capabilities to offer a conversational interface that offers significant advantages over typical form-based enterprise application interfaces.

Network Single Pane Of Glass(nSPOG) is the culmination of initiatives in machine learning, intelligent agents, process automation, agile application development, and world-class user experience design.

Network Single Pane of Glass (nSPOG) delivers significant efficiencies and cost savings across Verizon’s enterprise IT footprint.

About the Award

The CIO 100 celebrates 100 IT organizations for driving digital business growth through technology innovation. The award is an acknowledged mark of enterprise excellence.

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