Business Challenge

  • Timely equipment & tool maintenance
  • Worker safety
  • Equipment interactions
  • Man overboard – MOB
  • Unreported vessel collisions

Technical Challenges

  • Heavy metal obstructions
  • Harsh marine environment
  • Connectivity to large vehicles
  • Locating people and assets anywhere, even in the water

Business Outcome

  • Automated equipment & tool usage statistics
  • Remote engine run-time
  • Low fuel alerts
  • Operational availability
  • Connected devices to Tags
  • Can-bus to large vehicles
  • RF connection to MOB device
  • Worker safety – report slips, trips, falls, MOB
  • Real-time impact reporting
  • Geo-fencing for automated alerting

Equipment Interactions

Ensuring safe interactions between workers and both fixed machinery and heavy moving machinery in construction sites, oil and gas extraction, or the mining industry are our specialty.

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