Through the power of analytics, Radiant helps clients meet customer needs faster and more accurately.

We offer data accessibility, analytics, and integration consulting and services to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance operations.


We assist organizations in achieving the desired maturity level to meet business needs. Wherever you are on the path to full analytics maturity, we will apply our expertise, skilled resources, and strategic partners to help you move forward.

Our analytics services, including data warehouse, data integration, data quality, data governance, content management, event processing, database administration, analysis tooling, and visualization.

Our data architects and analysts will help you optimize the information and discover hidden data value.

Big Data

The volume of generated data is growing exponentially. Management of petabyte-scale data sets for analysis is now commonplace. Issues such as system maintenance, information security, and rapidly changing standards demand new approaches for dealing with data at this scale. Big Data is not a single technology but rather a host of solutions; Radiant will demystify all the possible pieces to build a solution tailored to your needs. Also, our institutionalization principles and change management services will help enhance big data capabilities.

Data Analytics

Big data analytics allows organizations to harness large volumes of data, gain deeper insights, and make data-informed decisions. The data analytics product marketplace is rapidly changing, and determining the best solution to meet your unique business objectives can be a daunting task. Radiant is product-agnostic; we will provide an unbiased perspective to help you identify the optimal solution mix. We can help you address your current and anticipated data volume, manage a variety of data types, and select the best tools and processes to produce true value from your data.

Data Integration

Understanding the relationships between disparate data sources is essential for data analytics. The Radiant team has a dedicated focus on data integration, experience working with various data formats and integration approaches, and the ability to align technical innovation and business processes with business needs. Our team will help you implement the right data integration technology based on your unique criteria.

Data Visualization

Every analysis program has unique visualization requirements. Radiant maintains strategic relationships with multiple data visualization and discovery partners. Our analysts will help define your needs and develop effective solutions.

Analytics Services